Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam

Need the best front and rear dash cam? rated one of the best dash cams, loaded with the latest technology and some amazing features.
Comes with the special software and applications of Blackvue of which I am sure everyone is aware of, if not then also no issue I will tell you everything about Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam in this article.

Blackvue is one of the most trusted companies of dashcam, the dashcam produced by Blackvue is famous worldwide and have a great response in the market. There are many features which make DR650S best among all.
let us take a look at the features of this dashcam.

Features That Makes Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam The Best To Be Selected

Built-in GPS- This camera is blessed with GPS which is built-in which means you can locate your camera or I can say your car just by your phone.

Well, what’s better than this feature, I mean you didn’t have the fear of theft you can get the location of your car, doesn’t matter where u are.

As the safety of your car is what the main thing anyone will think about while choosing any front and rear dash cam.

3-color LED- 3 LED’s of different color are added in the camera, for the clear view for the camera especially in the night time when it is needed the most.

This feature also helps to track the object while reversing your car, it is also helpful at the time of parking as it helps to see and measure proper distance and helps in avoiding the accident.

Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Camera

129Degree angle- The Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam comes with a 129-degree angle coverage which can record the whole view.

you didn’t have to look after it again and again after placing it because of its 129-Degree angle, as it will be recording whole the journey easily from a fixed place.

Various modes of recording- Various options or I can say modes of recording are there, which gives you the choice to choose the mode of recording you like.

 Your journey is your memory, I know no one will like to compromise with the memory he/she want to record.

Everyone want a perfect footage of their adventure, this camera will help you to record in the way you like it. You can just simply change the mode of recording and select the mode of recording you like.

What Makes Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam Different From Others 

Blackvue App and Software- Along with camera you are also provided with the app of blackvue and also the software for your personal computer (pc) so that you can watch the whole recording of your journey live, or you can see the recording whenever you like.

Imagine when you are far away from your car and the dashcam you still want to keep a watch on your car, you can simply do it only by your mobile. How simple it is to keep a watch on your car every time.

You can even check whole your previous recording in your app or from the software provided for your personal computer.

Which means you didn’t need your dash cam to connect with a wire and with your phone on the other side, you can see all your recording even from the distance.

Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam Review

Motion detection and G-Sensor This feature is also very useful. At the time of mishappening, the camera automatically locks the recording and it will be automatically saved with your camera.

Any moment in front of the camera will be detected by the camera and will be captured, which makes many things easy.

This feature adds to the value of camera as G-sensor is really useful for the drivers of the car. The recording locked by G-Sensor is actually safe for a long time, it will not be deleted till you command to delete it.

Capture the right shot- Along with HD picture quality, the camera also got 2 megapixel CMOS sensor which helps to capture the shot you want. The camera focus on the objects you want it to focus on, which give you the best picture quality, both front and rare camera are High definition. 

Decent Design And Physical Overview of  Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam

Design- The Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam has a stylish look and sleek design. It can be easily hidden in the car, and can’t be seen easily, its sleek design gives the camera a cool look Along with lightweight (635 grams) can easily be stored or put in very small place, it also got inbuilt WIFI which means it is wireless and can be stored easily.

Physical features-  Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam also includes power magic pro, and a 64GB micro SD card, which means money to buy a micro SD card has been saved. It also supports up to 128 GB of external micro SD card.
It also has a built-in microphone, which records all the voices this feature is many time useful to record your important talks and many more things.

Sometimes people think that this is an annoying feature as the didn’t want there talks to be recorded, then also no issues you can turn the microphone whenever you like. It also includes A battery which didn’t have a long backup as well but it can be charged easily and didn’t interrupt the recording at all.

Resolves heat- The dash cam didn’t get heat up easily, it resolves heat easily. It didn’t matter if the car is heated up or cold the camera will complete the work perfectly. It didn’t get affected by heat or cold weather.
Also, the camera is waterproof it is saved from every kind of weather, either heat, cold or rain doesn’t matter to Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam.

Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Camera Review


  • GPS built-in
  • Heat resolving
  • Attractive design and looks
  • 3-Colour LED
  • G-Sensor and Motion detection
  • Blackvue app and software (for PC)
  • 64GB Micro SD card free
  • Powerful battery
  • Various modes of recording
  • 129 Degree angle


  • It didn’t have a close button to stop recording. but it could be stopped by removing it from power.
  • Only 200 clips per day can be downloaded (which is a lot) but rest of the videos will remain in the dash cam memory only, so could be seen and downloaded later.

Final Words About Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam

According to me, Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam is fabulous, one of my teammates is using it since January 2017 and is really happy and satisfied. If asked me I personally suggest you to go for Blackvuew New DR650S Dash Cam, At this price you can not get anything better then this.

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