isYoung Mirror Dash Cam “Best Mirror Dash Cam 2018 Edition”

isYoung Dash Cam

If you are looking for a stylish, trendy and high-quality dash cam then isYoung mirror dash cam is the best rear view mirror dash cam for you.

Choosing the isYoung Mirror Dash cam can be a wise decision of yours as this dash cam is offering you the excellent bunch of features and world-class technology.

isYoung mirror dash cam is an essential part of the car as it records every happening while you drive a car. This rear view mirror dash camera is one of the best gadgets to feel protective every time whenever you drive a car.

Even besides the security, it can shoot your road trip so you will get the videos for every moment and every fun activity that you did on your road trip.

The isYoung mirror dash cam is one of the most affordable and the best mirror that can be easily fit in your budget and it will not lose your pocket.

Well, without wasting the much time lets check out the complete review and some of the exciting features of the isYoung rear view mirror camera here on

isYoung Mirror Dash Cam “Detailed Review Buyers Guide”

isYoung Dash Cam Review

G-sensor – Through the G-sensor, the camera can automatically detect the accidental activities and it will save the currently recorded file to ensure that you have a perfect witness.

It is the most important feature of this rear view mirror dash camera because any other device cannot serve you the similar features at this price.

And, let me know you one more thing, that as the device supports the G-Sensor, so it has a superb motion detection, by it will if any moving object just came to its range, it will automatically capture that view. So, these are the most interesting features of this best rear view mirror dash cam that is making this device far away from the high competition.

And according to the many hd mirror cam reviews, it is one of the most selling and top-rated dash cam 2018. So, you can trust the device, that you will get genuine and decent quality only.

And, the another best part of this rear view mirror dash cam is it will shoot every footage at Full HD 720P so with this dash cam, you will never miss a small detail of the view.

isYoung Mirror Dash Cam Review

Excellent Night Vision With True WDR Technology – isYoung mirror dash cam is also known for its excellent night vision.

With this rear view mirror camera, you will get the perfectly balanced and brighter videos in the low situations or in the night also.

With the help of WDR technology, the sensor adjusts the light according to the view and it will automatically adjust the lighting situation to give you the brighter view in every time.

WDR is the technology that adjusts the light exposure of the camera to create the balanced images. 

So you will get the clearer video or image every time, it doesn’t matter if you are driving at night or in the day.

And with the high-temperature resistant glass lens, the dash cam is capable to perform excellently in any lighting condition.

Loop Recording And True Parking Mode –  It supports seamless loop video recording so, with loop recording enabled, users have the option to record videos in loops of 3, 5, or 10-minute video. The camera will record these files one by one onto the SD card until it runs out of space.

Then, the camera will start from the oldest files recorded, and delete the files in the sequence from oldest to newest, one by one. So, you don’t need to be the worry about space and memory management, because you have a smart gadget, that is coming with the loop recording function.

Some More Excellent Features of isYoung Mirror Dash Cam

isYoung Mirror Dash Cam

  • 3″ Display size
  • 140 degrees lens
  • Support 32GB Memory Card
  • Built-in sound system
  • Parking Mode
  • Battery Built-in 420mAh
  • Video Resolution with 720p

Final Verdict about isYoung Mirror Dash Cam

This was our complete review of isYoung mirror dash cam and I hope you found it helpful to you to know the important things about the isYoung mirror dash camera. The device can perform excellently in every to ensure that the users are getting the perfect quality for that he paid.

Well Now without wasting the time, just visit the and there you can check out the reviews and rating of the isYoung Dash Cam.

Now after reading everything I hope you have enough knowledge to buy this dual cam but still you have any query in your mind let us know by commenting below in the comment section and we will come to you as soon we can with the perfect answer. 


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