Nunet Dual Dash Cam “Best Dash Cam 2018 Reviews Edition”

Nunet Dual Dash Cam

Those who want a complete review of best front and rear dash cam. Today I am gonna give a complete description of Nunet Dual Dash Cam. This device is best in terms of performance as well as all the features. I will share each and every feature of this device with you.

So that after reading this article you will be able to make a better decision for you. I mostly prefer to review a dual lens dash cam because I think they are far better than a single lens dash cam. And that is why today I am here with a complete review of this product.

A front and rear dash cam is a perfect device which can secure your car. It will give proper security to your car. A dash cam front and rear record all the view around your car. It will never miss even a single motion to get recorded.

That is why I believe that dual lens dash cams are better than the single lens dash cams. Well, the model which I am going to review today is also amazing. I am very impressed with its features. And so I am reviewing you this product. So let’s have a look at its features so that you can also understand why I am so impressed with the device.

Impressive Features Of Nunet Dual Dash Cam

Nunet Dual Dash Cam Review

High-Quality Photos And Videos: Videos and photo quality is the vital feature of any camera. The quality of photos and videos which we are going to get with a camera decides how good a camera is. And if we talk about Nunet Dual Dash Cam then I must tell you, readers, that it will never disappoint you.

Because this amazing device records 1080p HD videos and 12M still photos with a premium processor. So you will have an amazing collection of photos and videos of your journey with this best dual dash cam. And as it is a dual lens dash cam, so every single view around your car will get recorded without missing even a single motion.

Well, this amazing device will give you a clear recording not only in the daytime. But it will also record a perfect night vision. The camera has built-in IR LEDs which need to be turned on manually. So whenever there is a dim light situation or in the night just turn on the IR LEDs to have a clear recording.

This is not an automatic system because not all vehicle interiors have sufficient lighting. So for clear night recording just turn on the IR LEDs and the camera will record every single motion clearly in the night also. If you don’t know where you have to turn on the IR LEDs then let me know you guys. You can turn on Night Mode for the IR LED under the Lamp settings in your DL.

Nunet Dual Lens Car Dash Cam Review

Micro SD Card: Nunet Dual Dash Cam needs FAT32 with a 64kb memory card. And all the recorded files will get saved in it. And the camera also supports a loop recording feature. So whenever the storage space will get full then the old files will automatically get overwritten.

So you don’t need to worry about deleting the old stuff. The camera will automatically do this work for you. Because of the loop recording feature, the camera will overwrite the old unlocked videos once the storage space will get full. So all the unnecessary stuff will get overwritten if they are not locked.

FHD Screen: This amazing device has a 3.0″ FHD screen. So you can simultaneously view the recorded videos or captured photos on this screen. And because you can view the videos simultaneously when they are getting recorded. So you can drive even more safely. Because the things which you cannot see normally will get recorded by this camera and with the clear videos you can see even a small thing on the road.

And the product dimension is 3.2 x 4 x 1.2 inches. So it will not occupy much space also. And it is also light in weight. A 3.36 ounces product will be easy to carry. Well, I believe that every feature which I have mentioned is just amazing. I am really very impressed with this product.

Adjustable Camera: The back camera of Nunet Dual Dash Cam is adjustable within 270-degree and 120-degree wide angle view. So you can adjust its back camera within 270-degrees. And it can cover a wide area also.

So this amazing device will never let you miss even a single motion to get recorded. Every single movement around your car will get recorded with this camera. And 12-degree wide angle view. So you can very well imagine how wide area this device will cover.

Nunet Dual Lens Car Dash Cam

Final Verdicts About Nunet Dual Dash Cam

Well, these were the amazing features of this amazing device. I hope you liked the article as well as the product. A device within this price and such amazing features will not be easily found. So, readers, I must say that the product is excellent.

There is not even a single thing in this camera which can be a reason for not buying this device. So if you guys really want to buy a dash cam for you then no other device would be as better as Nunet Dual Dash Cam.

Well, you might be thinking that there are many other options also which supports amazing features. But readers, a device within this price and such amazing features will nowhere be found. That is why I am so very impressed with the product. Because if you talk about its features, its looks, its price.

Everything is just amazing and attractive. Well, I would end up my article here only. I have mentioned each and every feature of this product. But if you still have any other queries then you can feel free to ask us. You just have to comment in the box given below. And we will surely answer all your queries. Thank You.

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