Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam “The Complete Review”

Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam

So after sharing the reviews of so many best dash cams. Today I am here with the complete review of Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam which is among the best dual dash cam. As you can check the reviews and ratings on of this amazing device.

This proves that the camera is just fantastic and supports all those features which a customer expects. And that is why I am here with the complete In-depth review of Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam. This device supports a lot of amazing features which you cannot find in any other device within this price.

Well, nowadays everyone wants a dash cam for the safety of their car. And the best front and rear dash cam is the perfect option. Because it will give you the recording of the whole view around your car. And Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam is the better choice for any front and rear dash cam. Because we all know that Pruveeo produces the top class dash cams.

It manufactures the professional dash cams. It also provides OEM and ODM services for several brands all over the world. So you can imagine the quality of products which Pruveeo company produces. As well as the quality of dash cam whose review I am going to share with you guys. So let’s have a look at the features of this amazing device. So that after reading this article you can make a better choice for you.

Eye-Catching Features Of Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam

Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam Review

Dual camera: Two cameras are fitted in one design. So the driver can adjust any angle he wants. The device has 320-degree rotating and 12-degree high-resolution wide angle lens. So wherever you will place Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam. It will give you the full coverage recording. Nothing will get missed with this dash cam front and rear.

And the device can also record both inside and outside view simultaneously. The 120-degree wide angle lens will never allow you to miss any single view unrecorded. Everything will get captured in and around your car. Because of the dual lens, the front and rear view can be simultaneously recorded.

Pruveeo MX2 Dual Dash Cam Review

Video Resolution: The quality of the camera is quite amazing. It will give you a clear recording of every view. Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam have 720p 30fps front camera. And VGA 480p 30fps back camera. So a better quality footage will get recorded. And you can view the recorded footage in a 2.0″ LCD screen.

Your driving will become even safer because you can simultaneously see the recorded view around your car. And the Pruveeo company also offers you to audio on/off option. So if you want that audio should also get recorded along with the video. Then you will find this option also with this device.

Memory Card: Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam support a 32GB class 10 micro SD card which is not included in the camera. You need to buy an external card for the device. But a 32GB card can save a large number of videos. So you can save as many videos as you want in this amazing camera.

And you don’t need to worry about deleting the old stuff also. Because the camera supports a loop recording feature also. So whenever the storage space of micro card will get full. It will automatically overwrite the unlocked videos. So the old stuff will get delete and the new one will get saved automatically.

Pruveeo MX2 Dual Dash Cam

Auto Switch: This dash cam will automatically start the recording when the car’s ignition will turn on. And it will also stop the recording when the car ignition will turn off. So if you want your whole trip should get recorded then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Because the camera has an auto switch system. If in case you forget to turn on your camera then also you will have the full footage recorded. And the camera will also record the seamless recording. This means there will be no gaps between the recorded files.

Warranty Period: Pruveeo gives the 12 months warranty on this amazing device. So if the camera doesn’t satisfy your demands then you can replace the device within a period of 12 months. And if you will face any problems regarding the product then you can contact the service center. All your problems and queries will be solved.

Final Words About Pruveeo MX2 Front And Rear Dash Cam

This device will not cost you much and it can easily fit into your budget. So what else you need? The best front and rear dash cam under $100 with all the amazing features is here. All you need to do is read this article, get all the information about this device. And buy it if you feel like you are satisfied with the product.

Well, no doubt the camera is just amazing. It supports all those features which the best dash cam should have. And the best part of this device is that it is not that expensive. So anyone can easily buy it. So if you want to buy a dash cam which can record your whole trip and secure your car as well.

Then this device is the best option. You will never get a dash cam which can fit into your budget as well as supports all the fabulous features. There is no comparison of such an amazing device.

Well, I would end up my article here only. I hope you liked the article as well as the product. Believe me, readers, you will never gonna find a device which is reasonable as well as supports all the excellent features. And you can how well known Pruveeo brand is.

So you can easily trust its product. You can also check the reviews and rating on You will get a high number of ratings and positive reviews. Well, it is your choice and your decision. We only want that you take a right decision for you. Thank You.

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