Top #5 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam “Best Of Users Choice”

Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

Choosing a quality and perfect Rear View Mirror Dash Cam is not so easy. Because lots of dashboard cameras are available in the market, those are not good and you may get disappointed by the performance of those dash cams.

So, while buying a rear view mirror dash camera for our car, we should take everything. And, according to me, never go for a cheap product.

Because a cheap brand or product can promise you to save your money and to give you the excellent quality.

But, once you purchased the product,n they will behave like you are no one. So, if you are investing money, then go for the perfect and genuine one.

So, my dear friends, today, we came here with this informative article, in which we are going to review the top #5 rear view mirror dash cam.

So, let’s check out the complete review of these top #5 rearview mirror camera 2018 edition.

Detailed Review Of Rear View Mirror Dash Cam “2018 Edition”

#1. Falcon Zero F360

Falcon Zero F360

Falcon Zero F360, it is the name of trust and quality, for everyone who is looking for the best rear view mirror camera. The Falcon Zero F360 can be a perfect choice.

Because it is the perfect mirror dash cam that has a wide range of amazing features and latest technology by it can perform excellently in your car.

Well, folks, very first this rear view mirror dash cam offering you the Full HD 1920*1080 recording with 60fps and 1920*1080 recording at 30fps as well as 60FPS@HD1080P MOV.

It means you will get the perfectly balanced and clearer videos every time. And with this rear view mirror dash cam, you will never miss a single scenery of the road.

Besides the amazing video quality in daylight, this rear view mirror dash camera has a superior night vision, so it can perform excellently even in the low-light situation also.

It supports the latest technology and it supports a superior night vision for interior clips and shots, and it is completely able to record sharp and clear videos in the night or in dim light situations.

Mirror Dash Cam

To make this mirror dash cam smarter, the company giving a 180-degree rotating 120-degree viewing angle high-resolution wide-angle lens.

With such a wide angle lens, this rear view mirror camera is able to capture a wide area of the road to give you the perfect recording of your road trip.

With an additional 3.5-Inch Color TFT LCD display, you check out the recorded files anywhere anytime.

So, this rear view mirror dash cam can be ideal dash cam of yours, now you may check out the price and review of this dash cam by clicking on the given Amazon button below.

#2 AUTO-VOX M6 Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX M6 Dash Cam

Our 2nd device is coming from a well-known brand Auto Vox. The company has a well-reputed name in making such decent quality dashboard cameras.

Well, folks, everybody knows that to get the quality, we need to pay more, but this time we are talking about one of the best rear view mirror dash cam from Auto Vox.

And this dash cam can be perfectly fit in your budget and can offer you amazing features and it can perform excellently in your car.

M6 mirror dash cam provides full HD clear pictures in both day and night with the sensitive image processor and 6 LED lights on backup camera.

With this rearview mirror camera, you don’t need to be the worry about the night-vision, because the camera is engineered with the latest technology to let you feel the security around you even in the night also.

So, it can provide you the clearer videos in low-light situations also.

best mirror dash cam

As this camera can shoot front and rear both the view because it is a front and rear dash cam.

Then, it can shoot the videos at Full HD1080P resolution with the front lens, and Full HD 720*480 with the rear lens.

It means you will get the sharpen and clear view of front and rear both the views.

To give you the complete comfort, this mirror dash cam has a 4.5” Touch Screen, so you can check out the recorded videos anywhere anytime.

The feature that makes it smarter in a proper manner, it can automatically record even though you left your car if it detects something moving within 3m.

#3. Vantrue N3 Dash Cam

Vantrue N3 Dash Cam

If we are talking about the rear view mirror dash cam, then Vantrue N3 Dash Cam is one of the trusted names, that serve the genuine quality and excellent features to the users

So, it is our 3rd gadget of this list of top #5 rearview mirror camera, and this device is completely packed with the amazing features that you need.

The device has a 6 full glass front camera with 170°ultra-wide angle + IP67 waterproof 140°rearview camera, which presents 4 lanes ahead + oncoming vehicles from behind.

And both the lenses record the videos at Full HD 1080P resolution, so with this dash cam, you will get the perfect memories of your road trip.

And, as it provides the Full HD and perfectly balanced videos, so it will provide you the proper evidence of every activity on the road.

Adopted IP67 waterproof standard plus F1.8 6 layer full glass low illumination image sensor captures clear images in rainy days or vivid images with accurate color in low-light environments.

It means, just because of its superior night vision, it can capture the clearer and brighter videos even in low-light situations as well as in the night also.

So, you, just have to focus on your drive, and it will continue to work.

Owing to 5’’ IPS touchscreen, N3 mirror dash cam makes it much easier to set the multi-function menu.

With the high transparency silver mirror + anti-dazzling blue mirror, you can get achromatic vision whether day or night then greatly enhances night safe driving.

 rear view mirror dash cam

Gesture feature allows you to turn on/off the screen and lock/unlock the video by waving your hands ensure safe driving.

Gesture features make this mirror dash cam more than smarter, and it will allow you to protective everywhere.

Also, it is offering some more interesting features like G-sensor, Parking Mode, Auto-activated and many more.

So, it can be the perfect choice if you are looking for best rear view mirror dash cam. Now, you buy this rear view mirror dash cam directly from the given Amazon button below.

#4. Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror 

Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror 

If you have a budget of around $180 then it is the device for you, because we know to get the quality we have to pay more, and smart quality needs smart money.

So, this rear view mirror dash cam is in the 4th position on this list of best rear view mirror dash cam.

And, this device offering lots of smart features, that you may miss in other dashboard cameras.

The device is able to record every video in full HD and you will get the clearer videos of every activity around your car.

The most amazing feature of this rear view mirror dash camera is auto dimming mirror.

It means, similar to other high-end vehicles, this mirror will Auto Dim when bright lights are behind the vehicle.

The mirror will automatically reduce the glare because no one likes getting blinded while driving so it provides a safe and clear view of your surroundings.

To make it smarter and to give you the perfect comfort, a remote is included with this Rear View Mirror Dash Cam.

Rear View Mirror cam

You can control your dash cam without touching the camera by the remote.

It has an LCD display sensor that will automatically adjust the LCD’s brightness to the ambient light. On bright days, the screen will be brighter and at night, the screen will be dimmer.

To beat the competition and to make this device different and better than other available rearview mirror cameras, this device includes a built-in Compass and Outside Temperature sensor displayed in the upper right corner.

This was all about the Master Tailgaters OEM Rear View Mirror Cam, so now you ought to visit the to check out the price and reviews of this product from the users.

#5. AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Cam

AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Cam

Last but not least, and here on the 5th position we have the AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Dash Cam. We placed this device at the 5th position but here you will not see any compromise in quality.

So, the AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Cam offering a wide range of such excellent features and the world-class technology, and it allows you to feel security around you every time.

Well, if I would like to talk about the main features of this rear view mirror camera, then Night Vision is the major part of AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Dash Cam.

Well, the AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Cam provides clear pictures both during the day and at night.

And with the Sony sensor and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) the rear view mirror dash cam can capture the brighter and sharper view even in low-light situations and in the night also.

One more amazing thing is, the dash cam can record every video at Full HD 1080P resolution. It means you will get the clearer videos for every view.

And every scene of the road will be recorded at full HD resolution, so you will get the perfect and clearer memories of your road trip and also, you will get the perfect evidence of every activity.

best mirror dash cam

Besides all the smart features this rear view mirror dash cam has an IPS 5” Screen which is able to display picture with Four Modes, including the full view of the front, full view of the rear, front and rear view, rear and front view.

And the another best thing is, the dash cam has Front view lens view angle: 165° and Rearview lens view angle: 170° and both the lenses are able to capture a wide view of the road.

So, you will never miss a single activity on the road with this dashboard camera.

AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Dash Cam offering some more amazing features like AUTO-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Cam, G-sensor, Park Monitor, Loop Recording and many more.

So, guys, this was all about this rear view mirror dash cam, and if you need more information about this camera, then visit the by the given button below.

Final Verdict On These Top #5 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 2018 Editions

Well, folks, this was all about the top #5 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam 2018 edition, and I hope you liked this collection Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam.

All the dash cams that we have shared above are well-tested by the experts of the industry. So, you can trust the quality of the product. And you can go for any of these rear view mirror dash cameras without any if or but.

So, guys just visit the to check the reviews and rating as well as the price of your chosen rear view mirror dash cam.

And, do share your experience and feedback with the dash cam that you choose from this list.

Also, if you have any query or suggestion then leave that in the comment section below, and we will answer you with a perfect answer as soon as we can.


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