Vantrue X1 Dash Cam

Want a 24-hour security for your favorite car? Want something that can keep a watch on your car for the whole day and whole night? Then Why are you waiting for? Go and get Vantrue X1 Dash Cam. This is among the best front and rear dash cam 2018 editions which have amazing features and have a perfect video quality.

So today here in this article, I am gonna review the best dash cam and that is Vantrue X1 Dash Cam. Below are the features of Vantrue X1 Dash Cam which will help you to know why this dash cam is among the best.

Eye-Catching Features Of Vantrue X1 Dash Cam

HD Video Recording: I think this is the main feature of any dash cam that everyone looks for. Everyone wants a dash cam which can record amazing videos for them. And Vantrue X1 Dash Cam offers the fabulous video quality. 

Full HD 1920*1080P of Vantrue X1 Dash Cam provides sharp video quality. So you can have a clear recording of your trip. And this also clearly captures the road signs and license plates of the cars. This will help you to drive your car even more safely. So the chances of accidents are also much less.

Super Night Vision: Vantrue X1 Dash Cam can also record the videos in the night with the same quality. It doesn’t matter whether the recording is being done in the day or low light environment.

This dash cam will offer you the same video quality. Vantrue X1 Dash Cam has a strong ability to record clear videos in the night time. This will help you to capture small details which cannot be normally seen at the night while driving.

Vantrue X1 Dash Cam Review

Loop Recording: Vantrue X1 Dash Cam has a loop recording system also. With this system available you don’t need to worry about deleting the videos. The camera will automatically overwrite the old footage once the storage got full.

This dash cam supports up to 64gb sd card which can support a high storage of videos. So the memory will not easily get filled but once it will reach up to the mark then the videos will automatically start overlapping. And your unnecessary and extra stuff will be deleted.

G-Sensor: And now this amazing dash cam front and rear comes with one more amazing feature and that is G-Sensor. With the help of this feature, the camera will automatically save the important videos. Whenever the camera senses that some important videos are being recorded then it will automatically save those videos.

So that when the storage will get full than those videos will not be overwritten. And because of this feature, you don’t need to worry about your important footage. The videos which will be locked by the camera then they will never get deleted until and unless you yourself delete them.

Vantrue X1 Dual Dash Cam

Parking Mode: If you auto switches your parking mode, then it will automatically start recording a video when it senses any movement. This means when you will park your car and if anybody touches it or you are worried about its safety.

Then Vantrue X1 Dash Cam offers a 24 Hour parking mode option which will record even if you have parked your car. Whenever the car will sense any movement around it then it will automatically start recording.

So after buying Vantrue X1 Dash Cam, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your car. You can easily park your car anywhere without being worried about its safety.

Temperature Protection: If you are worried that your dash cam will stop working in very high or very low temperature. Then my dear readers stop worrying from now onwards. Vantrue X1 Dash Cam can work perfectly between -4 to 158 Degree F.

This dash cam is ideal for any type of climate. But the camera will auto shut down when it will overheat in order to protect the car and itself. This is among the most comforting features any dash cam could have. And I think not all the companies offer this feature in their cameras.

Final Verdict About Vantrue X1 Dash Cam

Vantrue X1 Dual Dash Cam Review

Vantrue X1 Dash Cam offers you the best and most comforting features. The features of this dash cam are just amazing. You can now buy an expensive car with the full surety of its safety. And its fabulous video recording will also help you to record each and everything you want.

Either you want to record a footage of your trip or any video at the time of any mishappening or anything. The camera will record everything as a memory or as an evidence. So I think you must buy this amazing dash cam. If you want a perfect dash cam then I think no dash cam other than Vantrue X1 Dash Cam is better.

A dash cam with fantastic features and under this price will nowhere be found. It is not late yet so it would be better if you buy this amazing dash cam as soon as possible.

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